Scuola di polizia: Missione a Mosca (1994)

Regia: Alan Metter |
Il capitano Lassard e i suoi uomini uniscono, con l'aiuto di un'interprete gelida come la tundra, le loro forze a quelle del Capo della polizia di Mosca. Il nemico da battere è il padrino della mafia russa che commercializza un videogioco per computer che nella realtà può sottrarre denaro e merci in ogni parte del mondo senza lasciare traccia.

Generi: Commedia | Crime |
Paesi: Russia | United States of America |
Tag: video game | mafia | police academy | moscow, russia | commandant |

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Callahan: Everything about me... is real. Dettaglio
Callahan: [the team meet with Russian forensics expert Irina Petrovskaya] Cadet Connors is also a forensics expert. Irina Petrovskaya: Maybe you'd be so generous to share with us your expertise. Cadet Kyle Connors: Sure. [he sits down at desk. Irina puts a slide under the microscope] Irina Petrovskaya: This one puzzles us. We were able to remove only one fingerprint from scene of crime. This is our only clue to identity of criminal. Cadet Kyle Connors: Okey-dokey. [Adjusts microscope lens closer to slide, until it makes contact, cracking the slide in half. Irina shrieks in horror. Jones & Callahan cringe] Cadet Kyle Connors: No wonder you're puzzled. This glass is all cracked! Lieutenant Talinsky: ENOUGH! [Talinsky exits] Irina Petrovskaya: Next assignment, Chernobyl. Dettaglio
Sgt. Larvelle Jones: [Bellboy is eating in Lassard's hotel room, plates of food strewn everywhere. Jones & Tackleberry are outside. They see a messy room service tray. Jones knocks on door] Sir? I want to remind you the plane leaves at 3 o'clock! Bellboy: [With a mouthful of water] In a bathroom. Sgt. Larvelle Jones: Sir? [Bellboy lets out a huge belch. Jones looks worried, sees 'Do Not Disturb' sign on door] Sgt. Larvelle Jones: [to Tackleberry] Something about that sign disturbs... Bellboy: [on toilet, burping, crying] Mama. Sgt. Larvelle Jones: [to Tackleberry] What do you say we, uh... Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: I'm way ahead of ya. [Tackleberry takes wine bottle holder from cart, puts it on his head and charges, breaking a hole in the door] Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: Sir? Bellboy: [Bellboy is seen showering fully clothed, freezing in the cold water] In the t-t-t-t-t-t bathrooooom... [Tackleberry puts the wine bottle holder down, puts his cap back on. Jones & Tackleberry silently leave] Dettaglio

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(at around 1h 18 mins) Obvious stunt doubles appear during the end credits. There is no scenery behind the actors as their names and roles are flashed on screen. Dettaglio
(at around 1 min) The male newscaster's GameBoy is in color. Nintendo released color GameBoys in 1998, four years after the movie was released. Dettaglio
The Aeroflot plane shows the Hammer and Sickle on its tail when landing in Russia. The Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, three years before. Dettaglio

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