Il grande circo (1959)

Regia: Joseph M. Newman | Generi: Dramma |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: circus | trapeze |

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Diane Davis's debut. Dettaglio
Three months prior to this film's release, David Nelson's brother Ricky also co-starred in a major film: "Rio Bravo." Dettaglio
Irwin Allen and Vincent Mature would again work together in the 1966 television series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Dettaglio

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Hans Hagenfeld: [First Lines] Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages! We give you a spectacle of unparoled beauty, Whirling's World Famous Parade of the Nations! Dettaglio
Skeeter: [as they are watching the Colinos do their act at the press party] Damper, have you ever seen an act like that before in your bank? Randy Sherman: No, but the air conditioning was much better. Skeeter: Ohh! Dettaglio

Ultimi errori

When Zac Colino starts to walk the wire over Niagra Falls the first shot as he starts has him above the falls then he's shown part way over and part way below them. Dettaglio
In the climactic trapeze act near the end, Zach and Jeannie are repeatedly shown standing on the opposite side of the stationary platform in long shots from where they're standing in close-ups. Dettaglio
in the opening scene, just after vincent price announces the "parade of nations", there is thunderous applause as the camera is focused on part of the audience and the circus acts that enter the tent. no one in the audience is moving at all, let alone excitedly applauding. Dettaglio

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What's My Line?: Ruby Goldstein & Red ButtonsMentioned in connection with Mystery Guest Red Buttons. Dettaglio
Introducing... JanetPoster seen Dettaglio
You Bet Your Life: Episode #9.34Irwin Allen mentions his upcoming film. Dettaglio

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