Shadowhunters (2004)

Regia: John Johnson | Generi: Horror |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: zombie | mental asylum | demon hunter | sorority girls |

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The character of Hudson is named after Bill Paxton's character in 'Aliens (1986)', a favorite of cowriter-director John Johnson. Dettaglio
Filmed at an abandoned Richmond, Virginia hospital where episodes of Line of Fire (2003) were being filmed simultaneously. In the opening exterior scene, the hum of one of the TV show's crew trailers can be heard in the background. Dettaglio
John Johnson hides a ketchup bottle in the background of all of his films. Dettaglio

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Goose: Let's go find some scattered ass. Dettaglio
Murphy: Hudson, we found another corpse on the second floor. Looks like another unfortunate vagrant. Hudson: Yeah, well, we got a boozed-up pants-shitter in a Hallowe'en mask running around. So we're even. Murphy: This is insane. Dettaglio

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