The Shanghai Story (1954)

Regia: Frank Lloyd | Generi: Dramma | Romance | Thriller |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: hotel | shanghai, china | espionage | anti-communism | cold war propaganda |

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Dr. Dan Maynard: Why don't they lock you up with the rest of us? What have you got, a pipeline direct to the big brass? Rita King: Why should they lock me up with a group of people who have been fools enough to let themselves get trapped in China? They had plenty of time to get out. I've always lived at this hotel. It's comfortable. I like comfort. Besides, I'm not a citizen of the western nations. I was born in Tangiers. And I am a woman of all countries. With no politics. Dr. Dan Maynard: No politics? Rita King: That's right. I'm not on anybody's team. I'm strictly on my own. Dr. Dan Maynard: Are you happy that way? Rita King: What difference does it make? Dr. Dan Maynard: I don't think you are. I can see in that. Rita King: What else can you see? Dr. Dan Maynard: I'm not sure. But I think there might be an old dream there. Rita King: But it's dying out, is that it? Dr. Dan Maynard: It does for all of us. Dettaglio
Dr. Dan Maynard: You gotta name? 'Knuckles' Greer: I gotta whole bunch of 'em... on a police blotter. Dettaglio
Colonel Zorek: Did you forget our curfew law, doctor? No one is allowed on the streets after 7 without a permit. Why did you try to escape? Dr. Dan Maynard: Is that what I was trying to do? Colonel Zorek: [Reading notes] Left your office at 9:21. Cross Nanjing Road at Khartoum through narrow winding alley to Honan Road one block north. Reach Soochow Creek at 9:38 by way of still another alley. Do you like dark, rat-infested alleys, doctor? Dr. Dan Maynard: Which one did you crawl out of? Colonel Zorek: You will speak to civil authorities with respect. Dr. Dan Maynard: A stooge and a Commie! Colonel Zorek: [Slaps Maynard's face] You will be held in protective custody. Dr. Dan Maynard: Just make sure you have someone around to protect you. Dettaglio

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One of the hotel "guests" left an incriminating piece of evidence exposed while he/she was away from the room (which was never allowed to be locked), something exceedingly dangerous to do, and hardly likely to happen. Dettaglio

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Z Channel: A Magnificent ObsessionAn advertisement for "Terreur à Shanghai" is visible in the "The 400 Blows" clip. Dettaglio
I 400 colpiMovie poster for "Terreur à Shanghai" seen outside a theater that Antoine and René walk into Dettaglio

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