Mr. Brooks (2007)

Regia: Bruce A. Evans |
Un uomo apparentemente senza macchia, pieno d'amore per la sua famiglia e grande uomo d'affari, in realtà nasconde una seconda identità. Affetto da schizofrenia, il suo alter ego è uno spietato serial killer al quale sta dando la caccia un'intraprendente detective.

Generi: Crime | Thriller |
Paesi: Ireland | United States of America |
Tag: psychopath | investigation | witness | alter ego | murder | serial killer | female detective |

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Mr. Earl Brooks: I thought the dinner was fantastic but I was not too fond of the dessert. Would you like to stop and get something sweet? Dettaglio
Marshall: For all the taxes we pay, you'd think they'd make it more difficult to hack into the police personnel file. Dettaglio
Mr. Earl Brooks: How did you find me, Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith: You're "Man of the Year", Mr. Brooks. [Smith starts clapping] Mr. Smith: Your picture's in the paper. And if it hadn't had been, I don't know. I don't know what I would've done. Mr. Earl Brooks: Lucky me. What is it that I can help you with? Mr. Smith: I've been watching that couple for months. Yeah, they like to make love with the blinds open. Sometimes I would take pictures; visual aids for later. It's a great way to get off, I'll tell you that. It was fun, I thought, until I saw you kill them. And I have never, ever, felt a... a... rush that like, ever. I know you're the Thumbprint Killer. You've done this before. What I want... is for you, to take me with you next time you kill someone. And I'd like that to be soon. [Marshall laughs out loud] Marshall: [sarcastically] And you were worried that this was going to be unpleasant? The answer is simple. Just tell Mr. Smith that you decided never to kill again, and he'll go away. Mr. Earl Brooks: You enjoy watching me suffer, don't you? Marshall: In a word, yes. Mr. Earl Brooks: Where do you think he has the other pictures? Marshall: He put them in a safety deposit box. But I'll bet the box is at the bank where he keeps his checking account. The key... is on his key chain! He really wants to do this. He's not going to the cops. Dettaglio

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When Mr. Brooks and Mr. Smith first go into the cemetery, Mr. Brooks hands Mr. Smith the keys so he can get back out. However, after Mr. Brooks kills Mr. Smith, he does not retrieve the keys before rolling Mr. Smith into the grave. Dettaglio
When Mr. Brooks is reading the paper, the first page contains the story of Meeks's murder-suicide. In the upper section, there is a note about DNA showing Mr. Smith to be the Thumbprint Killer. DNA would take a week to process at very minimum (more likely six to eight weeks), at which point Meeks' story would no longer be breaking news as it is portrayed. Dettaglio
In the firefight at the hotel with Atwood, Meeks fires his Colt M1911, with its 7-round clip, 23 times without reloading. Dettaglio

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