Tre soldi nella fontana (1954)

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Tre giovani americane a Roma, fra amori corrisposti, tentativi di seduzione e aspirazioni al sacrificio. Nubi all'orizzonte, ma la fine (dopo la tradizionale moneta nella fontana di Trevi) è rasserenante. Strepitoso successo, all'epoca, per un film abile nel fondere vicenda e cornice. Oscar alla fotografia e alla miglior canzone.

Generi: Dramma | Romance |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: rome, italy | fountain | tourist | secretary |

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Was originally meant to be shot in black and white. Dettaglio
The first motion picture filmed in CinemaScope outside of the United States. Prior to beginning principal shooting, 20th Century-Fox studio execs warned producer Sol C. Siegel and director Jean Negulesco that they would have a difficult time with the new film format away from the controlled settings of the studio. Siegel and Negulesco solved this dilemma by simply taking the studio's entire technical crew along to Rome. Dettaglio
Although the movie title refers to three coins, only two coins are actually seen thrown into the fountain. The third is reportedly, thrown in by Giorgio. Dettaglio

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Maria Williams: Look, I don't know opera from boogie. Or, Lacryma Christi from Corpus Christi. Dettaglio
Anita Hutchins: It's a good thing I'm going home. With you around here I'd be in a puddle of trouble in no time. Dettaglio
Anita Hutchins: What's in the valley below? Giorgio Bianchi: The bottom of the hill. Dettaglio

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At the farm, the large round loaf of bread can be seen to have been precut before Giorgio's cousin picks it up to cut off a slice. Dettaglio
At the beginning of the final scene at the Trevi fountain, the fountain is dry and being cleaned. Whilst the actors are there, the fountain begins flowing again; when the actors leave, the fountain is completely full -- not a possibility given the size of the fountain and the period of time over which the scene occurs. Dettaglio

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