Purificazione (1949)

Regia: Gordon Douglas | Henry Levin | Generi: Crime | Dramma | Romance |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: con man |

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Opens with Joe Miracle (Glenn Ford) smashing his sedan through a barricade and reaching the far end of the drawbridge just before it begins to rise. A squadron of police cars and motorcycle cops then chases him through the streets of San Francisco, all shot on location, predating the San Francisco car chases in Crimine silenzioso (1958) by nine years and Bullitt (1968) by 19 years. Dettaglio
Sixth and final film to feature Glenn Ford and Evelyn Keyes after Seduzione (1940), Martin Eden (1942), Flight Lieutenant (1942), Desperados (1943), and La donna senza amore (1948). Dettaglio
Actor Roman Bohnen passed away from a heart attack shortly after filming on February 24th, 1949 a little more than 5 months before the movie's release. Dettaglio

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Joe Miracle: Didn't that used to be a junkyard? Jenny Jones: When was that? Joe Miracle: A long time ago. Jenny Jones: I bet you had a lot of fun playing there. Joe Miracle: My father died there. Jenny Jones: I'm sorry. How did he die? Joe Miracle: With a sigh of relief. Dettaglio
Joe Miracle: You oughta climb ladders more often. Go ahead and move some more. You do something to clothes when you move. Jenny Jones: Don't talk that way to me! Dettaglio
Joe Miracle: What's that smell? Jenny Jones: Poverty. Dettaglio

Ultimi errori

After the settlement house burns down, the fire chief (Al Hill) allows the staff to hold their Christmas party in the gym, which was the first part of the building to catch fire. No fire chief would have allowed an event to be held inside the smoldering remnants of a burned-out building. Dettaglio
Clara tells Joe she got him a ticket on the first boat leaving town, but when he checks the schedule in the newspaper, there are two other boats listed with earlier departure times than the boat Clara booked him on. Dettaglio
When Joe Miracle (Glenn Ford) is playing dice with the group of kids at the settlement home you can obviously see that the numbers on the dice do not match what he's rolling to win money from them. Dettaglio

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