Joe the King (1999)

Regia: Frank Whaley | Generi: Crime | Dramma |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: child abuse | 1970s | classroom | diner | alcoholism | coming of age | money | spanking | debt | theft | semi autobiographical | roller skating rink | abusive father | school counselor | syracuse, new york | teenage protagonist |

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Both Nicolas Cage and John Travolta turned down the role of Bob Henry. Dettaglio
John Leguizamo was originally set to direct the film, but after being cast as Jorge as well, as serving as executive producer, Frank Whaley stepped in as director as well as staying on as a producer. Dettaglio
A Sussex-Wantage Rams basketball T-shirt is featured. The film 'Daymaker (2007)' was shot in Sussex-Wantage and actress Catie LiTrenta played for the same junior high school team years earlier. She once sent a fan letter to Frank Whaley while residing in this town. Dettaglio

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Joe Henry: I'll take a grilled cheese, Popeye. Roy: You'll take squirrel. Dettaglio
Bob Henry: There's people who do good, Joey. They have... a family... a job... I had a job. Swabbed floors, made a livin'. I had a pension comin'. Joe Henry: I gotta go. Bob Henry: What I'm sayin' is... There are good people, Joey, and then there are people like me. Don't get caught on the wrong side of that equation. Dettaglio
Bob Henry: Thought I... told you to get rid of those shoes? Joe Henry: I'll get around to it. Dettaglio

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Joe licks the envelope closed to the card he leaves his mother under the porch, but when she crawls under the porch to open it, it is unsealed. Dettaglio
Toward the end of the movie when Joe's father is driving to pick him up, he passes a driveway with a Jeep Wrangler parked in it. If it were the 1970s, it would have been a Jeep CJ-5 or CJ-7. Dettaglio
Although the film is supposed to take place during the 1970s, Joe is seen wearing a name brand underwear with the company logo on the waistband. This particular brand didn't produce that style until the late 1990s. Dettaglio

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Return to Innocence (2001) Dettaglio
I 400 colpiModeled after French New Wave films, especially The 400 Blows. The ending is an homage to The 400 Blows with the main character breaking the fourth wall by looking into the camera. Dettaglio

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