Oranges and Sunshine (2010)

Regia: Jim Loach | Generi: Dramma | Storia |
Paesi: United Kingdom | Australia |
Tag: based on true story |

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The real Margaret Humphreys was 42 years old in 1986. Emily Watson was also 42 years old while filming as Margaret in 2009. Dettaglio
Debut theatrical feature film directed by director Jim Loach. Dettaglio
Mark Gooder of the movie's distributor Icon Films Entertainment said of this film: "Everyone at Icon has high expectations for this film. The script is beautifully executed and the story is utterly compelling because it is true. I think the end result will be a film that will resonate with audiences everywhere." Dettaglio

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Len: I had to stop crying when I was eight, I don't know how to start now. Dettaglio
Orphan: All day, in blazing heat, no rest, no water. I was nine years old, and I was lifting rocks the size of my upper body. And he's yelling at us, "you weak, weak pitiful sons of whores". We built Stations of the Cross, but who was crucified, huh? Tell me that. Dettaglio
Shouting Man: [yelling at Margaret] YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKING EVIL WHORE! FUCKING OPEN THIS WINDOW! COME ON! COME ON! I'm gonna fucking rip you apart! I can get in anytime i want! Margaret Humphreys: [the man attempts to get in through another entrance of her house] Get out! GET OUT! Dettaglio

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When Margaret is searching through the Public Records of Births and Marriages each entry gives full details, is handwritten, and sorted by town and presented in chronological order. In reality, to protect data they are single-line typed entries giving basics and references for obtaining full details, for anywhere in the country, and sorted alphabetically by surname for each quarter of the year. Dettaglio
Although Margaret consults a range of national birth and marriage registers they all appear to have been written in the same distinctive handwriting. Dettaglio

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