मेरे ब्रदर की दुल्हन (2011)

Regia: Ali Abbas Zafar | Generi: Dramma | Commedia | Romance |
Paesi: India |
Tag: delhi, india | himachal pradesh, india | punjab | punjab, india |

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Ali Zafar's first collaboration with Yash Raj Films. Dettaglio
Director Ali Abbas Zafar shortlisted 20-25 tattoo designs for Katrina Kaif to choose from as part of her character's appearance. Dettaglio
The names of the two brothers in the film, Luv and Kush, are the names of the brothers of Hindi film actress Sonakshi Sinha. Dettaglio

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Kush Agnihotri: You're amazing, Dimple. First you endanger my life, then you ask me to say thank you. Dettaglio
Shobit: You know, beer is the only thing in the world which makes your weariness disappear in a split second. Dettaglio

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Cast list incorrectly identifies Arfeen Khan's character as "Ajju Agnihotri." Ajju is the brother of Dimple Dixit. Dimple's fiancé Kush has the last name "Agnihotri." Ajju's last name is, and should have been listed as, "Dixit," not "Agnihotri." Dettaglio
Around 50 minutes into the movie before the Chhu Mantar song, Dimple strips her jeans and in the next frame puts on a top over the same jeans and then she is not wearing jeans again Dettaglio

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