Open Water (2003)

Regia: Chris Kentis |
Susan e Daniel sono una coppia di appassionati ed esperti subacquei in vacanza alle Bahamas. Incredibilmente, durante un'escursione la barca di appoggio li dimentica in mare aperto. Si ritrovano soli, nel buio dell'oceano, con un terrificante pericolo che incombe: l'arrivo degli squali. Devono resistere ma sono circondati dal nulla e dalla paura...

Generi: Dramma | Thriller | Horror |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: cataclysm | diving | red sea | primal fear | nightmare | panic | scuba diving | shark | scuba |

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During the audition, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau made it clear to Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis there's going to be nudity in the film and that it was non-negotiable. "So it was odd, you know, I was like 'okay, that's fine' and I hadn't been offered the part or anything yet, and then when I was offered the part, that had already been negotiated," said Blanchard. "My thing about the nudity is that nudity is never 'necessary.' They put it in because guys like to see naked girls or whatever. I don't believe that there's ever 'I did it for artistic reasons.' I don't think that there is an artistic reason for it, but I don't mind it and I think it worked." Dettaglio
The entire movie cost less than half of the cost of a typical Hollywood movie's sound effects budget. Dettaglio
No CG was used in this movie. Director Chris Kentis fed the sharks tuna to get real feeling of the main characters being in the ocean together with the sharks. As long as they were eating the tuna they didn't harm Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis. Dettaglio

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[first lines] Daniel: [on his cellphone] Hey Don. It's Daniel. Listen, don't put the boiler in until I get back. The framing inspection isn't for a couple of weeks, so we've got plenty of time. And I'll check in with you guys in a couple of days, OK? Take care. Bye. Dettaglio
Susan: I can't even believe you'd bring that up right now. You were the one who picked the dates. Daniel: Oh yeah, of my whopping two choices - this was the better date. Dettaglio
Susan: I love you! Daniel: I love you too! [Kissing each other while stuck in the middle of the ocean] Dettaglio

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Susan's octopus (the yellow spare regulator) goes from being unattached to her BCD to attached and back again throughout the film. Dettaglio
When Susan asks, "Where's the boat?", they are in the shadow of the camera boat. Dettaglio
Susan complains about being stung at the ankle. Jellyfish cannot sting through neoprene wet-suits or booties which both are wearing. Their only exposed skin were their hands and heads. Dettaglio

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Top 40 Shitty Shark MoviesThe DVD case is shown. Dettaglio
Deuce Bigalow - Puttano in saldothe flashback to the death of Deuce's wife Dettaglio
Shark WeekSusan mentions this television series. Dettaglio

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