La tela del ragno (1955)

Regia: Vincente Minnelli |
La moglie del direttore di un istituto psichiatrico vuole far cambiare la tappezzeria nella sala della biblioteca. L'amministratrice è contraria, così pure Meg che vorrebbe affidare il compito a un paziente pittore. Fra intrighi, gelosie e psicodrammi vari, sarà il direttore a risolvere la situazione.

Generi: Dramma |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: psychiatric hospital | psychiatric ward |

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Steven Holte: Red and green. Derain died last fall in a hospital. You wouldn't know who he was. Karen McIver: It happens I do. Steven Holte: Who? Karen McIver: A French painter. One of les Fauves. Steven Holte: He died in a hospital in a white bed in a white room, doctors in white standing around. The last thing he said was, "Some red, show me some red. Before dying, I want to see some red with some green." Dettaglio
Meg Faversen Rinehart: I've been living in a dream these last few days. It has to stop. I have to wake up. Dettaglio
Dr. Stewart 'Mac' McIver: I don't know where he is. Nobody seems to. Just threw his stink bomb and ran. Dettaglio

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When Dr. McIver goes to leave Inch's place after arguing with her, a shadow of the boom microphone is visible moving on the curtain to the right. Dettaglio
When Karen (Gloria Grahame) storms into her bedroom and kicks off her shoes, she apparently launches the first one over the walls of the set, as it shoots straight up toward the supposedly low ceiling but never comes down. Dettaglio
(at around 3 mins) When Karen (Gloria Grahame) picks up Stevie (John Kerr) on a bridge in her '54 Ford Country Squire "Woodie", the rear tailgate window is open (up) when she arrives, stops, backs up, and Stevie gets in the front passenger seat. The next, more distant camera shot shows the vehicle exiting the bridge, and the tailgate window is clearly closed (down). Dettaglio

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Alta tensioneHigh Anxiety states that Dr. Ashley had wanted to "Change the drapes in the Psychotic Game Room" before he died. Dettaglio
1955 Motion Picture Theatre Celebration (1955) (Short) Dettaglio
Senza un attimo di treguaShowing on TV as Walker channel-surfs Dettaglio

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