La gang di Gridiron (2006)

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In un carcere di Los Angeles, dove tra i detenuti lo sconforto e la violenza sono presenti quotidianamente, un assistente sociale cerca di portare un po' di speranza e di normalità, coinvolgendo alcuni dei ragazzi nella formazione di una squadra di football.

Generi: Crime | Dramma |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: prisoner | sports | competition | probation assistant | american football | based on true story | los angeles, california | mother son relationship | juvenile delinquency |

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The Mustangs logo is the same as the running horse of the Canadian Football League's Calgary Stampeders; the team that Dwayne Johnson previously had a tryout with as a defensive tackle in 1995. The Stampeders first used that logo when Metro Ford was a major sponsor and was promoting the Ford Mustang, which also has the same logo. Dettaglio
Sylvester Stallone was at one point interested in playing Coach Porter. Dettaglio
Wells Root came up with the title for Lee Stanley when Lee told him about the project in 1991 and struggled with a title. Dettaglio

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Sean Porter: Choi, get in! Dettaglio
Frank Torrance: Most of our starters have been in this program for three years. You have four weeks to prepare your team. Do you really want to go up against those kind of odds? Sean Porter: I'll bet you $100 we win. Frank Torrance: We're a Christian school, we don't gamble. Dettaglio
Malcolm Moore: Mr. Torrance, let me ask you, you a Christian, right? Frank Torrance: Yeah. Malcolm Moore: Now, I'm not that familiar with the exact words, but didn't Jesus say something like, Be merciful, just as your Father's merciful. Don't pass judgement and you won't be judged? Frank Torrance: It's the book of Luke. Malcolm Moore: Give and it'll be given in good measure. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it'll be dealt to you in return. Frank Torrance: You're not too familiar with it, huh? Dettaglio

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After the second or third game, when the coach is challenging the players during a practice, there is tape on each players helmet with their name. Coaches only do this during the before the season starts, to learn names. Once the season starts, no coach wastes the time to relabel the helmets, as he would already know all of the names. Dettaglio
When the Mustangs are playing the playoff game, #55 of the Panthers is seen in one scene with long sleeves, then moments later he has no sleeves. Dettaglio
In the Mustang's first game against the Panthers there is an interception in which the receiving Panther never changes direction and continues to run to the Mustang's end zone. The Panthers are still awarded the touch down as if there were no mistake made. Dettaglio

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