Jade (1995)

Regia: William Friedkin |
David Corelli, un ambizioso sostituto procuratore distrettuale di San Francisco, è a un ricevimento a casa del suo collega Matt, importante avvocato, e della moglie Trina, psicologa. Improvvisamente viene chiamato sulla scena di un omicidio, nella casa di un noto miliardario. Svolgendo le indagini, David si rende conto che Trina è tra i primi sospettati.

Generi: Thriller | Mistero |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: adultery | call girl | san francisco, california | sexuality | blackmail | investigation | seduction | murder | serial killer | prostitution | erotic thriller |

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This is the second film that Michael Biehn did with William Friedkin. The first was Assassino senza colpa? (1987). Dettaglio
In keeping with James Horner's tendency to quote material from works in the classical orchestral repertoire, his score for this movie contains extensive quotes from Igor Stravinsky's 1913 ballet, "Le Sacre du Printemps" ("The Rite of Spring"). Dettaglio
David Caruso (Corelli) and Holt McCallany (Bill Barrett) would both appear together in several episodes of CSI: Miami (2002). Dettaglio

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Lew Edwards: I do the fucking, I never get fucked! Dettaglio
David Corelli: Where did she go? Matt Gavin: LA, just for a couple of days. David Corelli: Think she's coming back? Matt Gavin: Maybe when we get a divorce, you can marry her. David Corelli: Cool. Matt Gavin: She said you were a terrible lover. David Corelli: She lies to protect your frail ego. Matt Gavin: She said that's why she chose me. David Corelli: Everybody make mistakes. Dettaglio
Matt Gavin: There's only three fun things in life, paisà: money, sex and power. David Corelli: Two out of three's not bad. Dettaglio

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The windshield of David Corelli's car. Dettaglio
The woman who is hit by the car is pulled by a very visible wire. Dettaglio
At the beginning of the NO BRAKES scene at the top of the hill the main character's mustang has come to a stop and is shown leaking brake fluid. There is a shot of him looking down perplexed, only he is pushing the gas pedal instead of the brake. Apparently this shot was mistakenly inserted to Be a sign that the brakes were going bad. In context it seems to do the trick. However,closer examination shows it is the wrong pedal and should have resulted in the car accelerating, not sitting still, as is shown in the very next shot. Later, when the brakes are gone, he is using using the correct pedal. Dettaglio

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