Una notte a Casablanca (1946)

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I fratelil Marx lavorano durante il dopoguerra in un hotel a Casablanca, dove un gruppo di nazisti è alla caccia di un bottino di guerra nascosto.

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Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: casino | nazi | black and white |

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While Groucho is known for wearing a false (greasepaint) mustache in his films, this is the only Marx Brothers movie in which he also wears a false beard. Dettaglio
One of the treasures on the table at 1:03:48 looks like an exact replica of the British Imperial State Crown. Dettaglio
Hoping to take charge of their film careers, The Marx Brothers financed this movie themselves, under the heading of Loma Vista Films. They even did a brief pre-filming tour of scenes from the movie, as they had done with Una notte all'opera (1935) and Un giorno alle corse (1937), hoping to sharpen the script's comedy. Dettaglio

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Ronald Kornblow: From now on the essence of this hotel will be speed. If a customer askes you for a three-minute egg, give it to him in two minutes. If he askes you for a two-minute egg, give it to him in one minute. If he askes you for a one-minute egg, give him the chicken and let him work it out for himself! Dettaglio
Ronald Kornblow: Call me Montgomery. Beatrice Rheiner: Is that your name? Ronald Kornblow: No. I'm just breaking it in for a friend. Dettaglio
Ronald Kornblow: I don't mind being killed, but I resent hearing it from a character whose head comes to a point! Dettaglio

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When Chico is playing the piano with the orchestra, he gestures with his baton twice before throwing it at the musicians. However the trumpeter on the left anticipates him throwing the baton and can be seen flinching on the first two gestures. Dettaglio
When the police prefect gives the order to "Round up all likely suspects," his lips clearly say, "Round up the usual suspects" (see trivia). Dettaglio
When the building that Rusty is leaning against collapses, several of the black guide wires are visible. Dettaglio

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