Pinocchio di Guillermo del Toro (2022)

Regia: Guillermo del Toro | Mark Gustafson |
Geppetto, un vedovo falegname che vive nella grigia Italia fascista, costruisce una marionetta in onore del figlio perduto: Pinocchio. Pinocchio prende vita e, per rendere il padre fiero di lui, intraprende un viaggio in compagnia di Sebastian, il grillo che viveva nel tronco da cui è stato ricavato.

Generi: Animazione | Fantasy | Dramma | Famiglia | Musica |
Paesi: United States of America |
Tag: based on novel or book | italy | fascism | greed | woodcutter | musical | puppet | benito mussolini | stop motion | dark fantasy | duringcreditsstinger | 1940s | wooden dummy | live action remake | pinocchio |

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Pinocchio burning his feet (at Candlewick's mischievous behest) is reminiscent of when the wooden boy put his feet by the fire to warm while he rested, only to find them burnt to stumps when he awoke. Dettaglio
When Pinocchio arrives at the military training camp. There's a brief montage of boys climbing up ropes, echoing the scenes of Pleasure Island in the 1940 version, which featured a lot of boys climbing onto roofs and jumping out windows. This subtly tells the viewer that the training camp will be this story's equivalent to Pleasure Island. The difference is, in the Disney movie, it's a place where boys misbehave and run wild, while here, they're all doing exactly what they're told, and are implicitly miserable throughout. Dettaglio
Volpe's hair could also be based on Heihachi Mishima, because Guillermo Del Toro always plays as him on Tekken. Dettaglio

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Pinocchio: You know, all fathers love their sons, but... sometimes fathers feel despair, like everyone else. And they say things they only think they mean in the moment. But with time, they learn they never really meant it at all. And they may even call you ugly things like a burden or a coward, but inside... they love you. Dettaglio
Death: The one thing that makes life precious, you see, is how brief it is. Dettaglio
Wood Sprite: While you may have eternal life, your loved ones, they do not. Dettaglio

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At the mid credits, Sebastian J. Cricket is shown to be larger than the Black Rabbits, which is contrary to his appearance everywhere else in the film, where he is shown as the size of a real cricket. Dettaglio

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